Friday, May 25, 2012


what's going on with my hostel now~~
originally.. it is warmed.. even though we are still not closed enough.. yet we can smile at everyone..
they will not talk to us with their annoying face when we cook at 2nd floor!!!!!
not just like some animals >< shit~~
do we disturb you when we are cooking??
do we must ask you for permission first??
and the place will become oily when we just steam my buns??
okay... according to what u had said....
i will~~~~ cook~~~ at 2nd floorrrrrr!!!!!!
spaghetti ~~ fried rice... fried noodles... or whatever it is using OIL to cookkkkk!!!
tidzuigai!!!!! damn nice your face.... what the hell!!!
and about the electricity bill... all let the ALL ANIMALS to settle it..
aren't you all very geh gao meh = =
walao... teach us how to calculate... okay... allow you all...
that sei bat po!!!! are you not having a good family education???
haven't learn any books that related to good manners???
okay... i know you have not yet...
so... i forgive what you have done.. and what you have said...
because you really not study anything......
you don't know what is manners...
you never think about when you are saying that sentences... and what about you??
do we must do it for you all???
are we all your maid... want to do it well for you ?? gosh!!!
YOU!! REALLY.... NO MANNERS!!!!!!!!!

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