Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Happy day ♥

I have understood that the importance of family^^ it's because even though u have been done wrong, they will not ignore u just like that.. they are also take care of u.. treat u like before.. but sometimes , they will think they can ignore u and never talk to u anymore.. haha..but they cant!! because they love u.. take care of u.. what u like or what u want, they will give u all if they can~~ so, please dun say they do not love u, hate u!! please~ the most important relationship in this world is family  ♥ ....nobody and nothing can replace it.. so, treasure it.. treat them better, so that u can get more rewards of love  ♥ ....

yesterday, go out with kit, old chew and hwa gor^^ sing K.. so happy..wakaka!!! if have next chance, go again!! shout until the bamboo break..hahaha... thank you for u all ^^ especially ah kit  ♥  ♥  kumawo^^  
love  ♥  u more and more  ♥  ♥  ♥ 

these are the pictures have been taken at that day^^

                                        raymond...ur hand swing wat lah>< haha..

                         this is more nice^^ but i m not there..i m camera gurl T___T

                                                   haha.. i m here ^^

                       like this more ♥  ♥  but eyes seem like 2 lines >< haha..