Tuesday, February 7, 2012

enjoying ~~~

today , i got to go penang again.. begins my school life again... holiday gone.gone.gone....
Sem 3 ..i am coming now..hehe.. i know that it is very busy during sem 3.. but i need to go through it~!!!
time...please running faster..i want to enjoy my next sem break again XD hahahaha..........
(enjoying my happy sem break until the last second ^.^)

Saturday, February 4, 2012

result !!

finally, my result is coming out~~ 3A.1A-.1B..
SHIT..B??!! BI.. really shit!!! 60 % coursework of exam B so of course my result is B.. sad T___T
is that my presentation really poor enough? nothing to say ><
but....magically....my IT A- !! haha....really hate IT... the 1st section is totally out of syllabus....
common sense = =''..how can i do >< i am so poor in this ,k!! but it is enough to get A- ...haha......
then, next week begins my 3rd sem...haha.. happy mood to look forward to it ^^