Friday, July 22, 2011


almost 3 months, i am starting adapt myself to my study life...after have a short conversation in my class..i didn't feel any scare and stress...just talk and those words that i familiar with it the most...just a broken english..haha..but i do not know how that miss june chiang thinking for... hope she will give me some high marks^^haha..this is about my improvement in the college..haha..

in my hostel, i m addicting to a movie.. so envy to the couple in that movie...sweet sweet sweet~!!! jealous lah T_T...want to become them... sweet all the time.. stick each other^^ haha...everyone even everything also cannot separate us~~haha...

then, friend^^ kah min, pei yee, yi qi...they are my new friend at there^^
kah min is coming from Perlis~ pei yee comes from Bukit Mertajam.. yi qi  lives in Penang..
Kah min is the most friend with me^^ we had hang out together to Prangimall~!!haha.. very lucky to meet with her.. she has a pair of dimples..when she is laughing..they will appear.. jealous too><haha..
pei yee's hostel is beside mine..she is the one i met before go to college..haha..she also has dimples..aiyooo... cute lah^^
then, yi qi is the tallest one among all of us..and also thin enough..omg lah..haha..she is more familiar with pei pei yee will walk with yi qi.. and kah min will with me..haha..
they are the three of my friend^^haha.. nice to meet u all ya^^

my new future...i will walk to u~!!haha..

Friday, July 8, 2011


now, i am enjoying my life badly..
everyday study and back bs..
2 point 1 line running continuosly..non-stop..
i must living in this kind of life?!
presentation is coming soon..
exam is chasing after it...
oh my god!!!
wanna pah bia..haha..
continue my power point..
continue my study...
don't want let my first final exam gone like that~!!!
so..internet!! let me forget and give up u for a few days..
don't disturb me..haha.. mayb i m disturbing u><
but forget u ba~!!!haha..