Sunday, February 27, 2011

SecRet GarDen ♥

                                      when they first time change their body~~ OMG!!hahaha...

                                                                        CooL Gurl^^


                                                            their own secret Garden~~

                                                  BlinG BlinG Cat^^ gift for luo lin ..from zhu yuan..

accept their LoVe!!! finally..haha..

                                                                             Sweet ♥ ^^

                                                       end of pictures of secret garden^^

♥ it doesn't mean secret garden will end with the movie but still alive with everyone's existence!!! ♥

Wednesday, February 23, 2011


during this long holiday..really meaningless..
wake up,brush teeth,eat laptop..and play~~~>< lunch and go to shop...sit in front of computer...and play again.....= =
until 7.30 almost...the most excited feeling is coming now^^...
because i will take my mum and dad home by driving..haha..
but until now, i don't know how to see backward cars through the side mirror..
when driving to the road..i can't determine the car is coming with high speed or not..
in other word, i can't see anything through the mirror T.T ....
driving so terrible~~~
but i take them home safe until now..haha..lucky^^
when reaching home..bathing..and go to grandma's home and eat dinner...
sometimes,we will sit around the dining table and gossip for a long time..haha...
after that,back to laptop
this schedule is cycling day and day...but yesterday night..i didn't open laptop again..
don't want my eyes destroy because of pc ><
feeling my eyes are smalller than before T.T almost can't see anything = =
so...i colouring yesterday^^ haha.. just the picture upper there...but it is on the newspaper><
i think i can draw and colour some picture by doing own..haha..
to fill up this holiday..not only play games and open fb = =
and i heard that spm results is coming soon...omg!!! can't accept><
why so early?! but i will accept the truth..and find some school and study again..
i want StuDy!!!!! may be study is so much important for me !!!!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011


why i live in this moment?
from the cradle,mummy and daddy will hope their children can be very clever than the others..crawling before anyone else..walking too..talking also= =...
when studying in kindergarten..result is to be compared..until primary,secondary also like everyone must study hard to improve themselve in their academic..not sport,art or others..
why this world become like that T.T
so ScarY Life ><...haha..
whenever i see this word ,'scary'...i thought one person that i knew him before..
this word was taught by him~ other than that..i also learnt too many things from him..
from how to be a human until how to be a wise girl..
why cannot treat 2 people better at the same time?
during that time..i don't know anything..
he used everything to let me awake..including scolded..cold war..never contact me..even 1 message or 1 stare..
finally..i woke up..decided to let go everything..let every uncontrollable matter returned to normal..
so i live until now..with love..with caring..with one mystery guest^^
blissful until this moment..
thanks for your teaching..although you never treat me fair or hate me..but in the end you really help me more..thank you^^

Wednesday, February 16, 2011


waiting for impossible..
looking for miracle..
is it the best choice?
can i waiting for that..?!
always expect anything that can't happened...
i had tried hard to make everything possible..
but..that is not what i want..
only understanding..
can't for that?!
everyday play the fool..
just like a clown..
when you suddenly think of my existence..hired me..
i will stand in front you with a cheerful face..
when you don't need me anymore..just fired me..
i will quickly a bubble..nothing important..useless..
feeling miserable..isn't it?
may be i want throw it away..far from me..can i do that??
never meet again..never contact..
you...totally lost in my world!!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day^^

Today is valentine's day..
everyone must be very happy and enjoyable..
with lover hand in hand..
walking along a street..
despite the street is fulled of people..
or it just a deserted street..
still feeling is enough for them..
by dim illumination came from lamp post lining the curb..
see their shadow on the street..
this recall their past sweet memory..
their 1st day.. 1st month.. 1st year..
how they become couple?
how they fall in love?
all of that thoughts whirling in their mind..
enjoy all of that..

i hope i can do all that things i said upper there..
hope that my dreams will come true to be a truth^^haha..

HaPpY VaLenTine's DaY^^ <3

Friday, February 11, 2011

GranDpa's BiRthDay~~

哇哇哇哇.......[手已经不听使唤在捞了@.@] (喂!还没好啦!) (是乜?哦..哈哈..)
(好慢哦= =) (好了..可以捞了~) (有没那么紧张哦><)

烤乳猪^^ 很快就被一扫而空咯~



甜点^^ 哈密瓜西米露~

看起来好好吃对吧=P不过badge是什么啊?那人是干嘛..好离谱哦= =
happy birthday to you
happy birthday to you
happy birthday to 阿公
happy birthday to you
耶!!吹蜡烛~~ 呼...

                                                好蒙哦=( (哪个服务生手震哦><)

阿公~~Happy Birthday!!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Ang Pao^^

during new year's eve..
everyone who are not married yet must be very happy..
because they are preparing to receive a lot of ang pao..
i also included..haha..
this year..i receive the most ang pao if compared with last year.. happy~~

two days ago..
family and i went to sungai petani..
went there just for eating..
eat thai food!!
that place inside one malay kampung..
kampung ><
thought that place give birth for mosquito..
even for fly..
it is just like a wood palace..
everything is made of wood..
everything u is really made of wood..
and their toilet is to be said..
when looking at outside.. it is cylindrical..
step into..oh..wood also..hahaha..

                                                   looking at other camera..haha..
                                                 completely crazy @.@ haha..

the scenery is very beautiful over there..
it is worth to take some pictures at there..
children are out of control..
running there and jumping here...
adults are also busy to take picture..
to record their children's childhood innocence..
that place is really designed for family^^

and then..wait for serving..
when tom yam soup is served..
everyone is crazy for that..
because it is so HOT!!
when you start to test the soup..
it is so tasty..
1 minute ago..
it begins to burn all over your throat..your tongue..
oh my god!!
seem like your tongue and throat are not yours..
escape from your control..
keep burning...and burning...

after swallowing uncountable ice cube..
adding a scoop of vanilla ice cream..
it become cool and calm..
end of the task...
enjoy the THAI food!! haha...