Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Happy day ♥

I have understood that the importance of family^^ it's because even though u have been done wrong, they will not ignore u just like that.. they are also take care of u.. treat u like before.. but sometimes , they will think they can ignore u and never talk to u anymore.. haha..but they cant!! because they love u.. take care of u.. what u like or what u want, they will give u all if they can~~ so, please dun say they do not love u, hate u!! please~ the most important relationship in this world is family  ♥ ....nobody and nothing can replace it.. so, treasure it.. treat them better, so that u can get more rewards of love  ♥ ....

yesterday, go out with kit, old chew and hwa gor^^ sing K.. so happy..wakaka!!! if have next chance, go again!! shout until the bamboo break..hahaha... thank you for u all ^^ especially ah kit  ♥  ♥  kumawo^^  
love  ♥  u more and more  ♥  ♥  ♥ 

these are the pictures have been taken at that day^^

                                        raymond...ur hand swing wat lah>< haha..

                         this is more nice^^ but i m not there..i m camera gurl T___T

                                                   haha.. i m here ^^

                       like this more ♥  ♥  but eyes seem like 2 lines >< haha..

Thursday, September 15, 2011

family ♥♥

wanna go taiping at first.. can go with my friend.. can meet with kit.. can watch nasi lemak~~~ but suddenly i informed by mum that want to visit grandma at tanjung piandang..  bing bang bang >< lightning flash until i cant see anything.. i want to go taiping lah~!!! but i cant T__T  one is friend and on the other hand is family.. finally i choose the one out of two!! family is important to me too.. grandma~~ i'll visit u^^ cause since u back to home.. u are already call to home's phone a few time.. very touch>< i know..u want brother to visit u before he want to go to KL.. i do not know are u waiting for me? or just brother only..but i really need u too.. so i will visit u today night..although there are no entertainment to me..just a television.. but it is also enough to me.. the most important thing is u are over there.. if not, i will not know that place..because of u!!! haha.. miss u and love u ♥♥♥♥

Thursday, September 8, 2011








看完这韩剧, 超爱郑荣和的啦 ^^ 帅爆了!!! 哈哈哈..


第一次见面就在这么尴尬的情况下>< haha..

之后..就酒醉..结婚了= = 哈哈哈..

哈哈哈哈..隔天又发生这囧事 >< 哈哈..

杰修为了要把自己的幸福借给晓如.. ...

不小心....这样了...哈哈哈 ...






重要演员~~剧照^^ 哈哈..


个人取向 ♥





end of these pictures...and also end of this movie^^

Friday, July 22, 2011


almost 3 months, i am starting adapt myself to my study life...after have a short conversation in my class..i didn't feel any scare and stress...just talk and those words that i familiar with it the most...just a broken english..haha..but i do not know how that miss june chiang thinking for... hope she will give me some high marks^^haha..this is about my improvement in the college..haha..

in my hostel, i m addicting to a movie.. so envy to the couple in that movie...sweet sweet sweet~!!! jealous lah T_T...want to become them... sweet all the time.. stick each other^^ haha...everyone even everything also cannot separate us~~haha...

then, friend^^ kah min, pei yee, yi qi...they are my new friend at there^^
kah min is coming from Perlis~ pei yee comes from Bukit Mertajam.. yi qi  lives in Penang..
Kah min is the most friend with me^^ we had hang out together to Prangimall~!!haha.. very lucky to meet with her.. she has a pair of dimples..when she is laughing..they will appear.. jealous too><haha..
pei yee's hostel is beside mine..she is the one i met before go to college..haha..she also has dimples..aiyooo... cute lah^^
then, yi qi is the tallest one among all of us..and also thin enough..omg lah..haha..she is more familiar with pei pei yee will walk with yi qi.. and kah min will with me..haha..
they are the three of my friend^^haha.. nice to meet u all ya^^

my new future...i will walk to u~!!haha..

Friday, July 8, 2011


now, i am enjoying my life badly..
everyday study and back bs..
2 point 1 line running continuosly..non-stop..
i must living in this kind of life?!
presentation is coming soon..
exam is chasing after it...
oh my god!!!
wanna pah bia..haha..
continue my power point..
continue my study...
don't want let my first final exam gone like that~!!!
so..internet!! let me forget and give up u for a few days..
don't disturb me..haha.. mayb i m disturbing u><
but forget u ba~!!!haha..

Saturday, June 25, 2011


tat ppl..... i tot his mental hav a big problem and broken too~~~~
he is a stupid ....foolish guy!!!!
no brain mother teached guy!!!!!!!
F*CK !!!!!!!
go die lah u!!!
no need to live in tis life!!! tis earth!!!
u r totally useless and meaningless to tis world!!!
u can disappear nw!!!!!!
GET OUT FROM HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

my study life !!

as long as i begin my study in my new school >< until now..i cant adapt their it function, process..i dun knw anything.. remember that the 1st test~journal writing.. i get the most suck mark in my tis life!!! i get D~~!!! what the hell!!!! what i write is not related to title~~ omg!!! hw can so cruel!!! D leh... i cant accept anymore..haiz.. so u make me realize i cant relax in college.. not like secondary school.. i can do my hard work at the last minute.. but now!! that matter is already gone.. now~ must do hard everyday.. after class read again in own.. cant rely on any tuition.. haiz.. and the most important is every test will relate to the final exam.. wanna best result.. make more effort lah har = = haha.. tis thursday wan test already.. test microeconomic!!! hope that i can do it well^^ i will do my best!! haha.. tat's all for tis post~~haha.. add oil^^ everyone too~!!

Monday, May 9, 2011


Today,walking to school..attending my first class-->>Hubungan Etnik..hey..see malay again..i tought that no malay in college..but i see again,read again,study again!!!however it is just be familiar with me if compare to english..haha..when entering to my classroom.. only have one people..but when i tell her that our classroom is xxx..she says she enter wrong classroom and directly run out from class..leave me alone T_T but later..teacher is coming..others pupils also coming continuously..teacher starts her lesson..begin my study again>< almost until 10.30am..going to DKA for attending same again..then,finish all course at 11.30am..wanna go home but ning,chien them all are keeping on their course = =..waiting them with hui jiun..after that walking home and eating 1st class,1st course is passing away like normal..hope that the all coming course will be like that..haha..the most important is my course work also can finish successfully^^this all lah =) haha..

Thursday, May 5, 2011

OrienTatioN WeEK?! hehe~~

3th may is the 1st day of orientation we all move in our new home at 2nd may..everyone is busying clear up their things to live in new home..1st night we cant sleep,talk,gossip,gossip...walao~!!until 1.00am++..finally stop talking and sleeping..but there have 5 people in 1 room..even there is big enough for us but also too hot..that coverlet is becoming useless to us@@.. okay!!turn to tomorrow morning..walking to school..and gets t-shirt,file,pendrive..we all need to change that TARC t-shirt..omg!!almost 900++ people wear same shirt = =.. after that we are going to divide into 40 groups!!i m group 17 T_T..then..leader is starting his work..introduce the school compound to us..and starting their programme--->>ice breaking.. i dun like that!! hate!! want to introduce ourselve in english~~hey!!shy lah~haha..later we all go to CA and attending for lecture>< fishing and fishing..i think i can get 2 shark and 1 dorphin last..grouping again and discuss what performance we need to perform..everyone is cool and dun wan answer to the leader..leader seem like so pity and wanna cryT_T hehe~i think no need to describe the process..conclusion is we all need to go 1 ppl home and discuss again at night..that ppl home is nearby my home..haha..but i didn't go!! that night..i call delivery..HaPpY BurGeR^^ burger with chien..ning eat porridge oni><then we all decide bac hometown at next we have a nice night there..sleep peacefully without hotness and uncomfortable^^until..9.00am ++ haha..then eat breakfast--maggi mee!!after that playing in room along that afternoon..almost ki siao liao@@..and call delivery again for lunch.. until night,preparing and back home!!!haha..but suddenly have many ppl appear in our living room!!so noisy!!they also almost ki siao..they are preparing their show for orientation~they feel like so enjoy with that show..but we feel boring and want back home big different!haha..then,we are back to our hometown-->>bagan serai safely..haha..miss u~~Bagan Serai^^conclusion: we attend one day of the orientation week..and leave a big aeroplane to our leader..haha..what a orientation week?! haha~~

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

new life^^

i m back!!haha~ long time didn't update my blog..because of busying prepares all the things that needed to adapt to my new life..Tarc penang~!!i m coming soon!!haha..even though i have a cheerful appearance-->> feel that very excited to live in new life,new condition,new house,new friend,new teacher,....but inside of my mind.,my brain,my heart.....i cant bear this kind of new life..i cant bear it..really!! NEW LIFE means everything will start from zero..the past matter,every proud cases are going to vanish..everyone is trying hard again to let them to be life!!!AGAIN~~tiresome feeling..u come again!!!haiz..hopes that this new life can let me feel comfortable..and also let me bear it easily!!! new life!!!my sweety and lovely life..u can become what i imagine..what i expect..right?!u must do like that! MUST~~let me adapt myself,let me lives in new life without changes heart,my mind,...will be loyal to one person,one family,....all my friend!!!no changes~~everything will become originality....if my mentality can be holded ..i promise..i can be the best!! oh yeah!!my new life~~ i m coming now^^haha..

Tuesday, April 12, 2011


以前的人说, 女娲造人..
那不是我! 天蝎座的人..
所以..加油!! 哈哈..gambateh ♥

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Mix Title @@

yesterday..really don't want to lie..
i hate lie..but i lie too..
when u said that i m lying when opening my eyes..
it really hurts..but how can i do..
haiz..i really headache.. it almost killed me..
that is truth.. no need to lie..right?
want to do some..things ma..
want give some surprise but also hate that words..that sentences..
however..reality..when doing some surprise will feel many many love..
will recall me that past matter..sweet matter..even bitter or sour..
these all matters already made me forgot how pain i feel..really^^
so no need sleeping to recover my headache..
conclusion i m not lying too..haha..
okay?? somebody??haha..

some mechanic is coming my house looking for the spoiled aircond = =
when they are trying to repair that aircond..
they use water pipe and wash the things in that machine..
i m watching my lovely movie..kang xi lai le..
that episode has 炎亚纶^^
i want watching him from the first shot of him until the end..
but i cant T.T
because they~~mechanic...make my house flood..almost lah@@
haha..i m busy to find many many clothes for them..
and they are helping me clean the floor which is fulled of dirty and black water><
actually not help..they are doing themselve but i am addicted to that boy^^haha..
laughing non-stop but not same with before when i stay one person in my house..
haha..later..they are finishing their work and back already..
turning me to wash those clothes..omg!!!
they are wasting my time to enjoy my happy hour!!! want to cry lah!! T.T
nevermind..i can watch at pps too..haha..
and then..
tomorrow is someone's birthday^^
very very important day for him..because..tomorrow he will become 18 ys old..
older than me^^ haha.. wish him have a nice and enjoyable day..
also have a lovely day ♥ ^^ fit to my title ..haha..

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Sick !!

Stomachache had coming again..
after suffering first time at last year..
even though it is slight for me when it occured at first time..
but at second time, it is more serious and make me in pain along 1 day more..
PAIN!! i cant describe how it pain..
it make u cant eat anything..even think anything..
it also make u like a old woman..
walking in stagger..
sleeping a few minutes and wake up..feels pain and sleep again!!
SuCK!!! why this disease will happen in my body?!
why i am too weak to adapt myself to this full of bateria and virus life?
how can i do? eat them..and digest them..haha.. i don't think so..
however..i am recovered now and feeling better^^
thank for my mum..she is sleeping with me about 2 days..
stand by me when i am sick..thank you^^ dad..u too..
no stomachache!! no headache!!
only have some problem with my teeth!!
my beautiful teeth!! why u so quickly to leave me alone..
i did not expect u will be sharpen..and become small ><
later..u are covered by one plastic teeth = =
omg!! it is more bigger than my other normal teeth..
to protect my real small teeth and my gum too..
so u can imagine how i look like now ><
want to cry now T.T
same like rabbit..but not rabbit..
because rabbit has two rabbit teeth ..but i have one only..
nothing same like.. = = haiz..
only have to wait and wait..
waits for 10 until 14 days...
real teeth will be produced^^
i can wear it and step out of my house..haha..
i am waiting for that moment^^
and u all..please don't want try to see my face now!!!

Thursday, March 24, 2011


Result again..
same title but diferent feeling!!!
i can handhold that sheet~~result!!!
i also can know my result after waiting for a long time in truth~
i scored 8A!!yeah^^
beat down brother already!! wahahaha^^
when i am holding the result paper..
i really want to pinch my cheek..
if must the truth!!!
not dreaming again..
cause i dream about i got 8A too..
and that happened twice! omg~
but may be a sign..
to let me know early..haha..
that day i feel sweet^^ and also suffer pain in love..
so widely diferent feeling ..right?!
so i don't know how can i describe for yesterday..
a big day for me..
happy or sad?!
dun knw = =
sweet matter that i can feel is coming from my grandma..
i told her about my result..
she said that : " jin jia bo? gao lo^^ ai dia dia lai la..a ma syok lu la^^!!! "
wow!! so sweet de.. i didn't hear this sentence before..
may be my dad's family is feeling like so far to me..
seldom visit them..
but yesterday i feel blissful and love from grandma !!!
happy with this.. grandpa!!! although he is not often to talk with us..
always 'immerse' himself in his movie ><
haha..but when he knew my result..
he gave me 2 sheets of RM 50..
he said :" lu ko bue A..ho lu 100 kou..haha.." laughing..haha..
grandma :"liao..gia chap A leh? ho gui lui?"
grandpa :"ma xi 100 kou..haha.." laughing again..haha..
luckily i got 8A..haha..murmur myself..haha..

suffer pain again..
why like this ?!
can't clear about this..
until now..
love is to be labeled UnStuDieD in my heart~

i want to sleep now...
let me ignore these all hell matters 1 day.. even 1 second!!!!!

Monday, March 21, 2011


23th March 2011
on that day..
i will laughing until my mouth almost split?!
or crying until two eyes become two lines?!
i don't know and don't want think about that..
why everyone must pass through this way?
can i leap over this phase?haha..
think too much..
anyway..accept the truth..
however..i had tried hard to concentrate on my lovely book..
i think so..haha..
okay!! be it so><
finished this short..
because still have many thoughts of spm result..
whirling around in my mind = =
nothing idea to complete this post..
can't feel relax until the result coming out...
oh my god!! help me now~~i need you~ GOD!!
bless me please ^^ get a good result ^^ ~haha..

Friday, March 18, 2011




Tuesday, March 15, 2011

爱似百汇 ^^

                                                         阿一... 炎亚纶^^





这部戏呢..不予置评 = =
就是偶像剧^^ 哈哈..

Monday, March 14, 2011

You'Re BeauTifuL ~

                                                    before carry out surgery...

                                                         during surgery...

                                                    pig rabbit is my drawing hor^^

                                                         pin for go bi nam.. frm hwang tae kyung

                                            star necklace^^ also gift for go bi nam~ frm hwang tae kyung...

                                                              hwang tae kyung~!

                                                                     go bi nam~!

                                                                 kyung xin yu~!


                                                                 haha..piggy nose^^

                                                     end of pictures of  u're beautifuL ^^

movie again..but this movie is just long time ago for me..
now cant watch movie = =
do u feel that pps don't have any new movie ><
all is blocked.. why ?!
cant watch movie day and night..
cant non-stop laughing..
cant feel distressed when the boy hurts the girl..
cant feel excited when the boy and girl are falling in love..
every episode is full of climax..
make me watching endlessly ...
after enjoying the wonderful movie..
starting find the song of the movie..
listen and listen..ceaselessly...
this is cycle of watching one movie..
if begin had an addiction for another movie..
recyle again..but until now..doesn't have any addiction T.T
meaningless again!!!