Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Nightly .01

最近看的偶像剧,怎么都那么赚人热泪啊...以前就算有多感动的场面, 我都不可能流泪...
刚刚看的<绝对达令>... 为什么结局那么残忍!!! 为什么不要让奈特就一辈子在筱菲身边就好了...
不要就这样停止运转嘛... 哭死我了!!!! 还留着生命最后的10秒钟.... 只为了怀念着跟筱菲的回忆!!!!
不过是很好看啦.... 第一次看机器人的偶像剧..哈哈...算已经填补假期的烦闷了 XD

机器人男朋友也不错嘛....完美无缺的男朋友^^ 哈哈...

Sunday, July 22, 2012

FightinG =)

嘿, 我说你啊..不要再对着电脑了啦..你知道final要到了吗????
对, 就是你.. 正在打字的你...所以加油啦啦啦啦!!!!!!!
加油... gambateh!!! fighting <3 hahaha....

Friday, May 25, 2012


what's going on with my hostel now~~
originally.. it is warmed.. even though we are still not closed enough.. yet we can smile at everyone..
they will not talk to us with their annoying face when we cook at 2nd floor!!!!!
not just like some animals >< shit~~
do we disturb you when we are cooking??
do we must ask you for permission first??
and the place will become oily when we just steam my buns??
okay... according to what u had said....
i will~~~~ cook~~~ at 2nd floorrrrrr!!!!!!
spaghetti ~~ fried rice... fried noodles... or whatever it is using OIL to cookkkkk!!!
tidzuigai!!!!! damn nice your face.... what the hell!!!
and about the electricity bill... all let the ALL ANIMALS to settle it..
aren't you all very geh gao meh = =
walao... teach us how to calculate... okay... allow you all...
that sei bat po!!!! are you not having a good family education???
haven't learn any books that related to good manners???
okay... i know you have not yet...
so... i forgive what you have done.. and what you have said...
because you really not study anything......
you don't know what is manners...
you never think about when you are saying that sentences... and what about you??
do we must do it for you all???
are we all your maid... want to do it well for you ?? gosh!!!
YOU!! REALLY.... NO MANNERS!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

enjoying ~~~

today , i got to go penang again.. begins my school life again... holiday gone.gone.gone....
Sem 3 ..i am coming now..hehe.. i know that it is very busy during sem 3.. but i need to go through it~!!!
time...please running faster..i want to enjoy my next sem break again XD hahahaha..........
(enjoying my happy sem break until the last second ^.^)

Saturday, February 4, 2012

result !!

finally, my result is coming out~~ 3A.1A-.1B..
SHIT..B??!! BI.. really shit!!! 60 % coursework of exam B so of course my result is B.. sad T___T
is that my presentation really poor enough? nothing to say ><
but....magically....my IT A- !! haha....really hate IT... the 1st section is totally out of syllabus....
common sense = =''..how can i do >< i am so poor in this ,k!! but it is enough to get A- ...haha......
then, next week begins my 3rd sem...haha.. happy mood to look forward to it ^^

Tuesday, January 10, 2012


hardwork over. reading over. exam also over....
left a lazy lifestyle to me to carry on....
lying on the bed ...don't want to wake up!!!!
playing tetris battle with no ends.....
watching movie from episode 1 till the end of episode!!!!!
doesn't care any seconds, minutes even an hour....which i really really care just before few days ago....
this lifestyle just fit to the lazy song..haha..

today i don't feel like doing anything
i just want to lay in my bed
don't feel like picking up my phone
so leave a message at the tone
cause today i swear i'm not doing anything !!!!!
nothing at all~!!!! ^^

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Happy day ♥

I have understood that the importance of family^^ it's because even though u have been done wrong, they will not ignore u just like that.. they are also take care of u.. treat u like before.. but sometimes , they will think they can ignore u and never talk to u anymore.. haha..but they cant!! because they love u.. take care of u.. what u like or what u want, they will give u all if they can~~ so, please dun say they do not love u, hate u!! please~ the most important relationship in this world is family  ♥ ....nobody and nothing can replace it.. so, treasure it.. treat them better, so that u can get more rewards of love  ♥ ....

yesterday, go out with kit, old chew and hwa gor^^ sing K.. so happy..wakaka!!! if have next chance, go again!! shout until the bamboo break..hahaha... thank you for u all ^^ especially ah kit  ♥  ♥  kumawo^^  
love  ♥  u more and more  ♥  ♥  ♥ 

these are the pictures have been taken at that day^^

                                        raymond...ur hand swing wat lah>< haha..

                         this is more nice^^ but i m not there..i m camera gurl T___T

                                                   haha.. i m here ^^

                       like this more ♥  ♥  but eyes seem like 2 lines >< haha..