Monday, May 9, 2011


Today,walking to school..attending my first class-->>Hubungan Etnik..hey..see malay again..i tought that no malay in college..but i see again,read again,study again!!!however it is just be familiar with me if compare to english..haha..when entering to my classroom.. only have one people..but when i tell her that our classroom is xxx..she says she enter wrong classroom and directly run out from class..leave me alone T_T but later..teacher is coming..others pupils also coming continuously..teacher starts her lesson..begin my study again>< almost until 10.30am..going to DKA for attending same again..then,finish all course at 11.30am..wanna go home but ning,chien them all are keeping on their course = =..waiting them with hui jiun..after that walking home and eating 1st class,1st course is passing away like normal..hope that the all coming course will be like that..haha..the most important is my course work also can finish successfully^^this all lah =) haha..

Thursday, May 5, 2011

OrienTatioN WeEK?! hehe~~

3th may is the 1st day of orientation we all move in our new home at 2nd may..everyone is busying clear up their things to live in new home..1st night we cant sleep,talk,gossip,gossip...walao~!!until 1.00am++..finally stop talking and sleeping..but there have 5 people in 1 room..even there is big enough for us but also too hot..that coverlet is becoming useless to us@@.. okay!!turn to tomorrow morning..walking to school..and gets t-shirt,file,pendrive..we all need to change that TARC t-shirt..omg!!almost 900++ people wear same shirt = =.. after that we are going to divide into 40 groups!!i m group 17 T_T..then..leader is starting his work..introduce the school compound to us..and starting their programme--->>ice breaking.. i dun like that!! hate!! want to introduce ourselve in english~~hey!!shy lah~haha..later we all go to CA and attending for lecture>< fishing and fishing..i think i can get 2 shark and 1 dorphin last..grouping again and discuss what performance we need to perform..everyone is cool and dun wan answer to the leader..leader seem like so pity and wanna cryT_T hehe~i think no need to describe the process..conclusion is we all need to go 1 ppl home and discuss again at night..that ppl home is nearby my home..haha..but i didn't go!! that night..i call delivery..HaPpY BurGeR^^ burger with chien..ning eat porridge oni><then we all decide bac hometown at next we have a nice night there..sleep peacefully without hotness and uncomfortable^^until..9.00am ++ haha..then eat breakfast--maggi mee!!after that playing in room along that afternoon..almost ki siao liao@@..and call delivery again for lunch.. until night,preparing and back home!!!haha..but suddenly have many ppl appear in our living room!!so noisy!!they also almost ki siao..they are preparing their show for orientation~they feel like so enjoy with that show..but we feel boring and want back home big different!haha..then,we are back to our hometown-->>bagan serai safely..haha..miss u~~Bagan Serai^^conclusion: we attend one day of the orientation week..and leave a big aeroplane to our leader..haha..what a orientation week?! haha~~